Canada is among the leading nations in the manufacture and distribution of Cialis. This has been achieved by the stiff measures employed toward ensuring that only quality Cialis pills are circulated in the nation. In Canada, Cialis can be accessed over the counter or from online shops. It can also be bought for import services.

What brand of Cialis is available in Canada?

Canadian CialisCanadian Cialis uses tadalafil as the main chemical component. The pills are yellow in color and almond in shape. This type of Cialis should only be used to specifically treat erectile dysfunction in the affected men. In some special cases, Cialis is also used to treat (BHP) a condition of non-cancerous inflammation of the male prostate gland. This is the type of Cialis that can be accessed in Canada. When using it to treat BHP, a doctor’s prescription must be gotten and used accordingly.

Can Cialis Canada be accessed online?

Canadian online stores are the largest sources of Cialis Canada. There is an option to place individual orders or even bulk orders for resell services. As a matter of fact, very many foreign users make use of Cialis Canada every day. Users have only to make sure that they get the pills from the right and authenticated online sources. This can be achieved by checking the FDA list of the authorized Viagra online stores in Canada. FDA frequently updates the list of all the online pharmacies that have achieved the needed qualifications to produce and distribute online Viagra in Canada. Such qualifications include providing the right information about the ingredients used to make the particular pills. They also include regular checkups that will be performed by representatives from health department. In Canada, Credibility information and details can also be gotten from the CIPA website. CIPA is a health, food and drugs control body, which makes sure that only quality and safe drugs including Cialis are circulated in Canada. Part from FDA and CIPA, is another site, which provides information on the safe and authenticated online pharmacies.

Do I need a prescription for Cialis Canada Pills?

Cialis without a prescriptioCialis is a clinical drug. This means that it depends on active chemical ingredients to produce its effects. If Cialis pills are to be taken in the wrong dosage; under-dosed or overdosed, the chemical concentration of the active ingredients in the patient’s body would definitely cause a lot of unwanted and potentially harmful consequences. It therefore means that getting a prescription should be the first step towards buying and utilizing Canadian Cialis. Some stores still offer Cialis without a prescription. If you have been using Cialis for long, then you probably know you way around the usage of the drug pretty well. You can then decide to go for such online stores. The only thing to always remember is that your health should come first before anything else.

How to get a prescription for Cialis in Canada

Online pharmacies and physical stores in Canada make it very simple to get a prescription for Cialis. First, you have to decide if you want to go for an online doctor or directly talk to one. If you decide to go for online doctor, you will need to collect all the information you have about your past medical health information. From there, search for an authenticated online clinic offering Cialis prescription. Note that you will probably be required to open a free account. You will be then be redirected to a live chat with the online doctor. There, you will be required to provide various details about your current health status, body weight, drugs you are taking and such. The details will then be analyzed for a maximum of three days. With the information you provided in the free account you earlier created, the prescription will be sent to you.

If you decide to physically go to a Canadian clinic to get a prescription from there, you will still be required to collect all the available information about your medical health conditions. You will be given the number of days to wait before your details can be medically analyzed and a prescription created for your Cialis use and need. Once you have your prescription, it will be pretty easy to access quality Cialis pills in Canada. You will only be required to email of physically send your prescription to a credible Cialis pharmacy. They will refill your prescription and send it back to you.

Cialis dosages available in Canada

Cialis dosageThere are 4 different measurements in which Viagra is available in Canada. First, there is the lowest dosage; the 2.5 mg pills. These ones are good for starters or those taking Cialis as a remedy for BHP. The pills are also available in 5 and 10 mg pills. These two measurements are the most popular among many Cialis users. Finally, there are the 20 mg tablets. These ones are for the experienced Cialis users. They are also the ones with the mildest effects of all the other Cialis pills. Some manufacturers also produce 25 mg tablets of Cialis. So, do not be alarmed by that.

How Cialis should be taken

Cialis should be taken according to the guidelines provided in the particular prescription gotten for individual cases. However, there are the generally agreed facts about how Cialis should be taken. They follow that Cialis should be taken once in duration of o36 hours. It also should be taken when you have assured prospects of having sex in the next 30 to 1 hour duration. Cialis can be swallowed with just a glass of water. It can also be taken with food, but it is not advisable to take it with fatty foods. Some users also prefer to take it with small amounts of alcohol. These are only the generally agreed prescriptions. For individual cases, the guidelines provided in the prescription should be followed accordingly.