Potency and libido are different things and it would be not correct to make attitude to them, like to the equal phenomenon. Potency means phenomenon when a man has the ability to have sex on the basis of own natural desire without side support. Libido means sexual attraction. It is a kind of instinct which man fell during his life. It could be directed to the chosen person or just characters and feelings. Sometimes even reminds could bring sexual desire – everything depends on preferences. The main thing, which should start this issue, is that term “libido” was invented by Sigmund Freud.

More details

Despite differences between terms, potency and libido are often depends on the same circumstances and factors. So, previous control which provides excitation belongs to the hormonal area. In details, it belongs to the testosterone. Its effect starts from the puberty period and lasts until the end of life. It helps to save male properties in behavior and health. In case of testosterone’s lack, it is possible to find the deficit of sexual desire and possibilities of having sex with the partner. Sometimes it leads to the whole emptiness of the desires and as the result, sex could be erased from man’s life.

It should be clear that in young age men rare suffers from such kinds of the diseases. These problems are always coming when nature starts hormonal decreasing. This fact can be explained by the aging. Now man’s body should separate own resources and direct them to the correct needs. For example, it is normal that the man already has a child in this age – it is the effect of natural instincts too. So, the man already has done his previous role on the planet and now it comes a time to concentrate on other problems. Besides, body’s exploitation at the moment of the testosterone’s decrease starts probably already brought damage. So, it means that body should regulate collateral damage and there are no more enough of power to spend without effect.

Mental questions

You should know that libido and potency depend not only on psychological factors. Another one huge side of this question is the mental one.

Modern medicine already found a lot of proofs that mental health means a lot. The explanation is that first one step on the way to the come is processes in our brain which create perfect circumstances on the way to the excitation in physical equivalent. It means that potency and libido depend on it.
Interesting fact! Scientists already found that placebo effect on the base of Cialis generic and same pills can destroy mental problems with libido and potency. The main idea consists in effect which man already learned from the advertisement and talks with people around him. It is not easy to find someone who barely can imagine that what the real Cialis 20mg effect is. Anyway, it shows about 90% of efficiency and in case if you want a fight with the problem, this step should be the first one.

But what are the main reasons of the sexual problems on the base of mental disorders?! In fact, it could be:

  • bad experience;
  • wrong partner;
  • not correct expectations and many other ways to create the barrier on the way to pleasure.

1) Bad experience should bePotency and libido: differences between them and main facts to know! erased by your new perfect one. For example, it is possible to create with the help of Cialis online Canada.
2) Wrong partners don’t mean that it is the end of your career. One day you will find someone who is perfect in bed certain for you.
3) Expectations could play bad joke too.

So, keep your mind clear and always remember that sex is amazing and every problem and detail can be solved by a little portion of efforts.

Libido and potency by Sigmund Freud

Now let us tell you a few words about the “father’s” attitude about the problem. Sigmund Freud invented his theory to explain the transfer of the sexual power. His theory explains that in fact, the power of love appeared with the child’s birth but only with the age it is possible to create an exchange to it.

All problems with this area Sigmund Freud linked to the childhood and period when sexual energy transfers inside the body. By the way, first knowledge about gender’s differences can bring the problems in future too. For example, his theory explained why do gays exist. Explanation – this deviation appears as the result of fear of being castrated after boy understood that women don’t have a penis. It brings fear to the woman’s body and mental comfort from the relationships with men.

So, as you can see, potency and libido are very important in men’s lives. Every single man should know their differences and that is the shortest way to the healthy sexual life.