Alcohol is one of the most abused drugs. It is legal and affordable in many nations, which means that it is readily to active and even potential users. Alcohol has several benefits, which have been abused and have consequently led to many negative effects associated to its use. For example, alcohol can be used as a disinfectant for wounds. It is also used in chemical reactions, to produce beneficial chemical products in chemical labs.

What causes alcohol addiction?

The chemical ingredient in alcohol that brings the addiction effect is ethanol. When alcohol is taken, the ethanol is quickly absorbed into the blood system. The effects can start being felt immediately, as the ethanol interferes the normal functioning of the part of brain responsible for maintaining physical balance in human beings. The ethanol is immediately taken as a poisonous product, and is taken to the liver for detoxification. As the level of ethanol decreases from your body during the detoxification process, it brings about the feeling of the need for more alcohol. That starts and maintains the whole addiction issue.

Effects of alcohol addiction

Alcohol has been said to be among the drugs with the most side effects, both long-term and short-term. They include:

Erectile dysfunction – This is perhaps the most serious side effect of alcohol addiction in men. For one, ED will lead to most of all the other factors discussed below.

Health factors – Someone with a seriou7s alcohol addiction can be recognized form a distance. Addiction to alcohol cause general body wasting, memory loss, risk of physical injuries, liver cirrhosis, diabetes, heart related diseases and cancer. These are just some of the diseases directly associated to alcohol addiction. There are many more diseases and conditions which can be passively associated to alcohol addiction. When you compare the pleasure it brings and the cost one will ultimately have to pay, it clearly indicates that alcohol has more disadvantages than advantages when abused.

Emotional factors – Alcohol addiction brings about the feeling that nobody wants your presence near them. This in turn brings about the problem of withdrawal, where individuals prefer to spend their time all alone. This is followed by a series of events, which include; family loss, stress and depression and at worst cases suicide.
Financial factors – For those with serious alcohol addictions, financial problems will always be upon them. You will find that the more addicted one becomes, the more the need for alcohol develops. This calls for heavy budget spending, in attempt to raise the money needed to buy alcohol daily.

How can addiction to alcohol be treated?

It should be understood that addiction to alcohol can happen to anybody. Individuals addicted to the drug should not be blamed or forced out of the family or society. They should be encouraged, and finally taken for rehabilitation. On the same note, never quit trying to persuade an addict to go for rehabilitation services. They will never accept at first but will ultimately thank you after they have recovered successfully.