There are two main types of diabetes. In both cases, the infection is connected with large or uncontrolled amounts of sugar in the blood. The condition can be contracted from heredity issues, while it also can come along as a consequence of the particular lifestyle one is leading. Whichever way, controlling this infection is exceptionally indispensable as its propelled stages can result to chronic stages of the diseases, which are very hard to treat and maintain. There are several methods of effectively controlling diabetes in men.

Healthy foods

Someone will find the term healthy foods too wide in range and options. The healthy foods meant in this section are foods with controlled amounts of sugars. Here, you will also need to learn all you can find about diabetes. You find that there are the two types of diabetes, and although they are connected to one another, there the particular foods suggested for particular types of this disease. Make sure to talk to your doctor. He may even help you come up with a schedule of the meals you can afford and are recommended for you. It is also very advisable to keep doing physical exercise like jogging, running, gym and walking. This motivates the body to come up with a plan to manage the available blood sugar for the required energy. The only way the body can achieve that is by making and start using insulin effectively.

Take insulin

For the first type of diabetes, Diabetes type 1, patients do not at all make insulin in their bodies. Insulin is a chemical protein that helps control the level of blood sugar in an individual’s’ body. Blood sugar on the other hand is the determinant of the amount of active and usable energy you have in your body. For the type 2 diabetes, the body does not either make enough insulin or does not respond to it accordingly. In both cases, patients will be required to be taking insulin as regularly as recommended by their doctors.

Keep track of you ABC status

What this basically means is that you keep track of your blood sugar and cholesterol levels. The ABC system is a medical care routine, which aims to have diabetes patients get their blood sugar and levels of cholesterol regularly taken and recorded. This helps in many levels of diabetes management. Make sure to talk to your doctor. He will explain the whole process, on how the system can be used to effectively manage and control diabetes.

Routine check ups

There is no ultimate or single cure for diabetes. You have to keep going for routine checkups for the condition to be maintained and controlled effectively. In such routine checkups, you will be required to have your blood sugar taken and recorded. It is probable to also have your weight taken and recorded. During each checkup, go through the updates and changes that your doctor may have included in your healthy diets schedule.