ED stands for erectile dysfunctions. This is a condition in men and women, which cause the lack of desire or the complete inability to have sex. ED can range for low sperm count in men, inability to get and even maintain a sufficient erection, and the complete lack of desire to engage in any form of sex in both men and women.

Causes of erectile dysfunctions

Erectile dysfunctions can be caused by a variety of factors. They include psychological factors, emotional factors, diseases and conditions and physical factors.

Psychological factors involve anything that is messing up with the mind of the individual affected. For example, one may be having a past bad experience when it comes to physically getting intimate with another sexual partner. In such cases, the individual will totally lack the desire of having sex, a condition known as low libido. It may also be that the patient is suffering from depression. Since the mood to have sex is set in the brain, depression will interfere with the process, thus making it impossible to have the desire for sex.

Physical causes include anything from small sized penis, body odors, low sperm and lack of physical intimacy. You will find that there are a whole lot of men out there who are constantly looking for penis enlargement supplements. It stands that such men have to face the risk of not offering satisfying sex to their partners. The good thing is that there are supplements which can be used for penis enlargement in the market. Some people also have particular body odors, which act by turning off their sex partners. Such a problem can be dealt with by the use of body lotions, creams and particular strains of perfumes. When having sex, both partners expect that the session will end up in a climax. It happens that some men have low sperm counts. In such cases, the female counterparts get discouraged and turned off, so much that they are not willing to have sex with the particular patients again. In men, low sperm count can be easily cured in a credible medical clinic. Talk to your doctor about the problem. If the problem is being cause by vasectomy, consider the option of reversing the vasectomy process. Lastly, lack of physical intimacy can lead to acute degrees of ED. If you can’t physically connect with your partner, it means that the whole sex session will be something close to pure torture. This can be cured by openly talking to each other or going for counseling.

Emotional and diseases factors range from diseases like diabetes and prostate cancer, little or no love between couples, staining financial conditions and others. It has been proved that diseases like diabetes leave a patient little or no desire to have sex. This is because diabetes takes the ability to control blood sugar, thus leaving no energy required to take a patient through the whole sex session. If you are struggling financially, most of your time and energy will be directed towards solving that issue. This can be treated by talking to a counselor, or a medical doctor in case of limiting diseases.